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Blockchain technology development

Job Description and Job Responsibilities:

1. To be engaged in design and development of blockchain products; to study blockchain protocol, operation mechanism, low-level implementation etc.;

2. To design blockchain solutions based on industrial applications to effectively solve industry problems;

3. To establish the underlying architecture of the blockchain so that the common chain, alliance chain, side chain, private chain and a variety of logics can be dispatched and used by application layers until the cloud service output is provided;

4. To organize and implement technical decision-makings and technical solution, and to organize architecture design and upgrade optimization;

5. To guide the team members to perform daily development and solve technical problems during the development process.


Qualification requirements:

1. With a bachelor degree or above in software engineering or other computer science-related major, and more than 10 years of experience in software development;

2. To be proficient in linux, with blockchain project development experience;

3. Familiar with C + + / python / java in two or more, familiar solidity better

4. Proficient in the principles, mechanisms and related encryption algorithms of the Ethereum /Bitcoin/blockchain are preferred;

5. To be familiar with various data structures and algorithms, with study experience in cryptography, security protocols and encryption algorithms;

6. Good teamwork spirit and execution, strong analytical and troubleshooting ability.